Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bulgarian House Renovation Special Offer-Update

In response to the large number of e mails that I have received about our renovation offer, I am glad to confirm that we will be holding this offer throughout the summer season.It's a very bad recession we are in, and everybody wants value for their money.As mentioned previously just e mail me on info@gobg.co.uk for further info or via the website embedded in this link. The original offer is in the left hand 'popular posts' column.

Carlos Gardel - Por Una Cabeza

I just love this music !.

Calendar of Events Bulgaria 2011


I found this website which may be of use to those planning to come to Bulgaria this year.Talking of this year please feel free to participate in our online poll in the left hand column.

Friday, 28 January 2011

The Uncle Bulgaria Members Club

To celebrate the continuing success of this blog, the management: aka me, are launching the 'Uncle Bulgaria Members Club'. All you have to do is become a follower on the icon in the right hand column. and you will receive an exclusive monthly bulletin on Bulgarian political and economic affairs, heavily schewed towards an english speaking market.The bulletin will include tips and exclusives which will only later be published on the main blog.For all other readers, pleased rest assured that the main digest will still maintain its usual standard.

Uncle Bulgaria

Airport Security

In the wake of the Moscow bombing President Medvedev has sacked the security boss at the airport, and the Bulgarian government has rushed out a statement to the effect that its airports and stations have tight security.

However the pertinent fact is that there are virtually no measures, outside of airplanes themselves, whereby a terrorist can be stopped.For example a suicide bomber gets on a bus and simply blows themselves up, nothing can stop that, the same applies to the public area of an airport or bus/railway station.

The job of preventing this type of terrorism lies with the security agencies and with a more general public vigilance.

For the US the obvious measure is strict gun control, but the NRA gun lobby is too powerful for that, so the Arizona horror will happen over and over again.

But when you see politicians start sacking people it is mostly a case of sacrificial lambs.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

New investors to stir up Bulgaria's property market in 2011 - Colliers International - Property - The Sofia Echo

New investors to stir up Bulgaria's property market in 2011 - Colliers International - Property - The Sofia Echo: "-

A positive report from Colliers one of the more respected commentators with an interest.It says the market should pick up in the second half of this year and I tend to concur.Prices have got low enough to attract investors now.

Moody's cuts ratings of MKB Unionbank, outlook 'stable' - Business - The Sofia Echo

Moody's cuts ratings of MKB Unionbank, outlook 'stable' - Business - The Sofia Echo: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Here is a link to an article regarding the credit downgrading of a major Bulgarian bank.To me this sounds as if the bank is beginning to struggle.

Great Internet Website for English Language Programmes

Linked from this posting is a great website which has around 170 channels each created by an internet users, they simply upload programmes, or movies, they like and you can watch for free.I have found it a real godsend living out here.

Most people will also know that 'Bulsat' is the main satellite internet provider in Bulgaria and it provides enough english language programming to keep you sane.Many internet providers also have TV offers now.The combined internet/tv packages should cost around 40lv/20 Euros a month.For those who love their UK football it is all included if you purchase the Diema/Nova package.Even Coca-Cola Championship games are covered on Ring TV.


And I am not just referring to Keiron Dyer, last night was another shambles for West Ham fans.After a promising first half, the team fell apart and the ruinous defence again returned to haunt us.The only two decent performances were from Carlton Cole and Robert Green.If it hadn't been for Green the scoreline could have been far worse, to throw away a 3-1 aggregate lead in this manner is pathetic.I cannot see West Ham staying in the premiership if this is the best they can do.Birmingham were beaten 5-0 recently and are only three places above West Ham.What a sorry saga.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Berbatov weaves his magic !

Hats off to Bulgaria's Dimitur Berbatov, for his match winning performance against Blackpool last night.They went from 2-0 down to 3-2 victors. Lets hope West Ham can emulate this spirit in their second leg Carling Cup semi-final against Birmingham at St. Andrews tonight.West Ham could do with a little cheer in what has been a dreadful season.

Bulgarian rural property prices return to 2004 levels - Property - The Sofia Echo

Bulgarian rural property prices return to 2004 levels - Property - The Sofia Echo

Here is a link to an article in the Sofia Echo regarding house prices in rural areas.Obviously it has alot of good news in it.My one codicil is that 'rural property' can mean anything from a nice renovation to a hovel.Also may of the villages close to the cities are almost 'suburbs' so it depends how many of these were sold and how many more remote properties.Certainly the Burgas prices in particular seem alot higher than others.

Bulgarian Phrases

This is good stuff if you feel like trying out some basic Bulgarian whilst here.

New Build Properties Nr Topola,Bulgaria-3 new golf courses nearby

Here we have a very prestigious development in Topola, Bulgaria's golf  'mecca'. Each house is 160m2 with three bedrooms, each with a balcony, and two bathrooms/wcs.There is plentiful off-street parking and a large 8 x 5 metre pool.The development is nearing completion.There are panoramic views of the Black Sea.Each house is for sale at 140,000 Euro's.Varna airport is 45 minutes away. Contact info@gobg.co.uk or go to the website by clicking on the topic heading.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blog Update

Regular readers (and there are quite alot of you now) will note that my postings have become alot more regular.If you want to be notified when something new is posted, then simply become a follower by clicking the icon on the right hand side of the blog or,alternatively, click on one of the 'subscribe to' icons further down on the right side.If you like the blog then click on the adverts from google.

Is this the top 10 classical composers ?

This is the New York Times's music critics take on the top 10, strange no Tchaikovsky or Handel but Debussy and Bartok instead.Stravinskys inclusion I find a bit odd, and Schubert too.No place for Rossini either.What do you think ?.

1 Bach
2 Beethoven
3 Mozart
4 Schubert
5 Debussy
6 Stravinsky
7 Brahms
8 Verdi
9 Wagner
10 Bartók

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bulgaria Relocation Finder

Hi again readers.Another offer for the New Year is my Bulgaria Relocation Finder service.We have agents in Sofia, Varna and Burgas to help customers with all their relocation needs, whether they be business or private clients.Assistance includes legal services,accountancy, translation,accommodation and property locating service, as well as recruitment and web design .Contact me on info@gobg.co.uk for an informal discussion or skype darrin2433.

BBC Newsreader Blunders

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rila, Bulgaria: Sacred, Rustic

A nice brief segment about Rila monastery, the most famous in Bulgaria.I will be posting more information directed at tourists/visitors as Spring approaches.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Glenn Beck Shoot Them In The Head Video Clip Found

And the American Right does not encourage extremism ?.

Girl falls into fountain while texting

This made my day, what a silly cow.

Morning Missive: Bulgaria and the EU

It appears that all the principal 'old' EU countries have blackballed Bulgaria and Romania from Schengen in 2013.This is basically a passport free travel area.However this also involves information sharing and the Germans,French etc are worried that such information will fall into the hands of organised crime.The laughable Bulgarian judicial system, which has not jailed one single major crime boss,is a major factor.

Bulgaria desperately needs european style investigating magistrate,s and a legal code that actually works.Until that time it will  remain outside the european mainstream.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


A big thankyou to UK readers who have today reached the 400 plus readership.Checking on the internet it appears that this blog continues to climb the ratings.Coming up shortly will be lots of interesting new articles and features.

Nicolas Cage Incident In Bucharest

Here is Nicolas Cage making an ass of himself in Bucharest.

Sexy Romanian Car Insurance Advert

This is the Romanian advert the web is talking about, the message is if you dont have car insurance you go to jail..apparently.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Dobrich, Bulgaria

This is Dobrich, the County town of North East Bulgaria, about 35km north of Varna, and 35km from Balchik..It used to be called General Tolbukhin under Communism.It has about 90,000 people.There are some nice bars and restaurants, a nice park and a big pedestrian area.As you approach the town it looks rather forbidding but its good when you get to know it.There is a Billa, Kaufland and Metro here.Other attractions include the craft shops in the old town.

A Warm January in Bulgaria

Temperatures in some parts of Bulgaria hit 19.5c yesterday (in areas such as Veliko Turnovo).This is very, very odd. It should be freezing, with lots of snow at this time of year.The prediction was for a cold winter, but we only have 6 weeks left till March.One can only contrast it with the UK, which appeared to be having a very Balkan winter.Some say global warming, some say gulf stream but in 7 years here I have never experienced weather like this.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

GoBg Real Estate and Building Bulgaria

Here is an outing for my corporate logo for my Bulgarian company, originally we were doubtful about calling it 'GOBG', as some people might pronounce it 'GOB G', but everybody seems to get the correct pronounciation without a hyphen !.

Have a look at the offers on the site by clicking on the post heading.We also build new properties in Bulgaria from 450 Euros a square metre, as well as pools and renovations.

Blog Re-Vamp

I spent time yesterday completely re-designing this blog and it now looks a lot more welcoming.The colours are brighter and the sidebars are less lopsided than before.I hope readers enjoy the new look.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Michael Palin in Bulgaria, Plovdiv Gypsy districts

Its his usual informative, funny documentary but he does seem to spend most of the programme talking to,and about gypsies.Many people were very disappointed with the programme especially when you contrast it with the Romania edition.Bulgaria is much more than the Roma.

Bulgarian traditional food and gourmet cuisine

Bulgaria Thracian Cliffs Golf Course

The statements made by Gary Player are quite true, as I have checked them, indeed Blacksearama, its sister course, was voted 'Best New Golf Course in the World' in 2009.

Bulgarian chalga music

This is Preslava, one of the most famous Bulgarian pop folk singers and one the only one not to have silicon breasts.Indeed it is rumoured that hers had to be reduced !.

BULGARIAN Gypsy - Sevgilim Apaz taifa - Mis Dibi

Bulgarian - Ema - Dasi Plashal (remix)

I hope you are enjoying my new series of videos about Bulgaria !.Comments welcome.


For information just ask here, or e mail through the link to my property website in the heading.


For more information just ask here or e mail me via the link in the heading to my property website.


Golf Club Ibar Golf Course 10th September 2009

This is the Ibar golf course, not far from Sofia, the video is over a year old but things have not changed.This was a Jack Niklaus designed course, but they have run out of money and work has come to a halt.It has been reported that the houses will have to be demolished as they are illegal.As I have warned before this just illustrates the herd instinct of Bulgarian entrepreneurs who thought that golf was a licence to print money, unfortunately its also a licence to lose it big time !.

Blog Update

Really pleased this morning, to find that we have crept up to 19th place on the internet if you search on one engine under 'bulgaria blog' and 12th on another engine.This is rewarding the hard work that has been put in in the past few months and also you the loyal readers who keep coming back.If you like this blog then please click on the adverts to help cover our costs.

Uncle Bulgaria

Friday, 14 January 2011

Likes and Dislikes about Bulgaria

Thought I would start a discussion about what people like and dislike about Bulgaria.Perhaps what your favourite places are ?, your favourite restaurant ?,activity ?, or conversely what you cannot stand ?.Has anyone had any bad dealings holiday or business wise ? here.Why dont you share them with the 3000 readers of this blog ?.
If anybody has any questions please feel free to post them here.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I have just been reading Balkan Holidays Summer and Winter Bargains bulletin, confusingly published on the same day !.Bizarre pricing: 3 star ski holiday near Pamporovo in January 190 GBP, 3 star in the old hotel Druzhba in Albena 306 GBP in May.Albena is over priced and ageing.If anybody requires Hotel accommodation in the summer let me know via info@gobg.co.uk.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

House renovation Bulgaria-Very Special Offer !

Hello Readers,

Well it's January so have to put on some sale offers.This one is for renovation..here goes: For a circa 80m2 house to re-wire, re-plaster walls,floor tiles, including screeding and cement, ceilings (either wood slatting or plaster) our sale offer is 10300 leva.New bathroom including all tiling and sanitary goods 3500 leva.Renew 6 doors and frames 2000 leva, New windows (circa 7) 2500leva,New Roof 18000 leva.Total 36300 Leva or 18615 Euros or 15515 GBP.
CHEAP AS CHIPS !.Go to my website which is linked to the heading or just post a question here.This offer applies in the Dobrich and Varna counties, Shumen and other counties can be catered for also upon request.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cheap Property Bulgaria

As regular readers will be aware, I operate this blogsite as an interesting hobby for me and to inform the english speaking world about Bulgaria from my UK expat perspective.
So far it has been a fascinating year or so and I am really glad I embarked upon it.However the business that I do must get the occasional mention.Please have a look at my website www.gobg.co.uk which is linked in the title heading.There are many property offers there, plus we have building and maintenance pages.If you cannot see what interests you there please e mail me and we will cater for your demands.

Wikileaks latest


"How do you make them reform when they don't want to?", fresh diplomatic cables of the US embassy in Sofia, revealed on WikiLeaks, cite a source from the European Commission team for monitoring Bulgaria as saying.
The cables are dated June 26, 2009 and have been signed by the then US ambassador to Sofia Nancy McEldowney. The document – one of the last that she prepared before she was recalled in Washington, should have been kept classified by the end of the decade, but its content was published by the El Pais newspaper and the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks at the end of last year.
"XXXXX told us that the Commission feels they have "tried everything" to make the Bulgarians reform their judicial system, but concluded "how do you make them reform when they do not want to?" , reads the cable.
According to the unnamed source the Bulgarian government's defensive arrogance -- and lack of political will -- is intensifying enlargement fatigue in Brussels.
He underscored that EC pressure via the monitoring reports and withholding EU funds are the only ways to produce results.
The cable describes judicial reform in Bulgaria as a combination of "fatigue and frustration".
"XXXXXXXXXXXX said the entire team believes the Bulgarians only address issues in the Commission's report to get a "good report," not to create a better judicial system."
The source called the appointment/nomination procedure for the top judicial officials "non-transparent" because the vote on the nominees is secret and does not take into full account disciplinary actions against the nominees.

Pretty stupid !


Even though a smoking ban in public places came into force in Bulgaria at the end of December, official checks were launched January 3 amid reports that the restrictions are being widely ignored.
The delay in official checks was meant to give an opportunity to owners of restaurants, coffee shops and bars to take advantage of the 2-week grace period and provide the necessary walls, tight-closing doors and good ventilation equipment.
The requirements will affect all smoking spaces inside commercial and administrative buildings, railroad stations and airports as well.
Owners of coffee shops and restaurants with less than 50 square meters have the right to decide whether smoking would be allowed. In case smoking is allowed, individuals under the age of 18 would not be admitted as they are banned from smoking in all indoors spaces.
In larger establishments, at least 50% of the space must be dedicated to non-smokers.
In night clubs, smoking will be allowed at all times regardless of how large they are.
Open-space coffee shops and restaurants inside shopping malls are becoming non-smoking facilities.
Owners face fines for inadequate ventilation and lack of sings designating the non-smoking sections and the smoking ban for those under 18.
Fines for owners range from BGN 500 to BGN 10,000. Individuals, who violate the ban, would also face fines, but only if they agree to provide their ID card.
Similar measures were imposed as part of a partial smoking ban in 2005 but have been widely ignored.
Bulgaria ranks second after Greece in the EU in terms of number of regular smokers as a percentage of the population, according to a Eurobarometer survey.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Death at El Barr, Rogachevo, on New Years Eve

El Barr is a lovely family run bar/restaurant establishment near Albena, and it is with great sadness that I have to report that a guest there was found dead in bed on New Years Day.He had stayed overnight after the hogmanay party and tragically could not be revived.Not a great new year start for the community here.

True Story

Some acquaintances of mine went to a spa in a hotel in Golden Sands, over the holiday period.After the spa they decided to go in the pool.One of them noticed a man below the surface and just thought he was swimming under water.Sadly no. When they pulled him up but he was already blue.It turned out to be a 38 year old Bulgarian man.The staff simply put the body on a lounger and covered him up still in a public area.
Eventually the police came and started moaning that the body should have been left in the pool.Obvious question being how did they know he was dead till they got him out of the pool...only in Bulgaria !.