Friday, 24 February 2017

Flights to Bulgaria Summer 2017

At this blog, we are constantly searching for the best flight deals for our readers. This summer we had hoped that with Easyjet flying into Varna, in competition with Wizzair, that there would be a better market. Sadly that has not happened.Prices are sky-high.So we have to provide you with alternatives:

Flights from Sofia

These can be much cheaper as Ryanair are also flying into the nation's capital. In addition, Wizzair are operating a daily flight to Varna, plus Bulgaria Air three times a day (but the latter are never cheap).

The Romanian options


Constanta in Romania is another choice, with Wizzair but with lower airport taxes.Minus is 200lv+ taxi fare from Constanta to Varna.


Bucharest in Romania is a little over an hour from the Bulgarian border, and two hours from places like Veliko Turnovo, in central Northern Bulgaria.

For some Athens is an option.Other tips are to join budget airline mailing lists as there are various one-day sales with big savings.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bulgaria gets two tops spots in world tourism

Bulgaria has won two major first places in the world tourism industry. 

Firstly Sofia has been voted the world's cheapest capital, for a day's expenditure: including hotel food, drink, and public transport requiring just £38 per person. The survey was of 84 capitals all over the globe.

On the coast, the Black Sea Resort of Sunny Beach has the accolade as cheapest for a nights hotel accommodation for two coming in again at £38.This time beach destinations were surveyed.

For Bulgaria to get both awards is a significant achievement, and comes on top of reports from the recent Bucharest Trade Fair which saw record early bookings for Romanian holidaymakers for 2017.

It looks like 2017 will be Bulgaria's year.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Falling Pound.How has it affected Tourism ?

Since the Brexit vote, the British pound fell and now has stabilised at 2.28lv (or thereabouts). It has oscillated from 2.03 to 2.93lv since 2004.

However, the currency is also affected by fierce competition between airlines and tour operators.This cancels out any losses as the market is pretty cut-throat.For example, Thomas Cook recently posted pretty dire results.

So in a competitive market, the fall in the pound sterling is cancelled out by other pressures.In Bulgarian terms, prices remain fabulously cheap.We recommend booking your flights and hotels separately with major discounts occurring as Wizzair and Easyjet now directly compete this summer for the first time in Varna. For great Hotel Deals in Balchik, near Varna and Albena/Golden Sands, email info@gobg.co.uk

With the rapid retreat from Arab destinations, Bulgaria stands out as a very obvious holiday destination.In fact, it ranks second to Portugal in that respect.

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Bulgarian Black Sea

Hemus Highway To Be Opened on Monday - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Hemus Highway To Be Opened on Monday - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency:

The Tunnel has been out of action for days and is one of the two main East-West arteries.
Tragically the closure was caused by a tunnel light falling on a car killing a passenger. The victim's brother is suing the state and hopes to donate the proceeds to charity.

Sofia Metro Operation Restored - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ryanair began flights from Varna - Money.bg

Ryanair began flights from Varna - Money.bg

Breaking News: Ryanair to fly Varna- Brussels (Charleroi) from October 2017.

Walloon PM Says Bulgaria Should Quit EU - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Ryanair a 'victim of its own niceness' - BBC News

Ryanair a 'victim of its own niceness' - BBC News:

No more second carry-on bag :).Ryanair currently flies to Sofia and Plovdiv. I don't think many people would describe Ryanair as 'nice'. 
What do you think ?.

Bulgaria Braces for New Cold Snap on Tuesday - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Smaller Counter-Protests Held in Romania as anti-Govt Demonstrations Go On - Novinite.com - Sofia News Agency

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Entrance to the Tsarevets Fortress, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

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Romanian News: Protest again decriminalisation of 'corruption'

Sadly, here in Bulgaria people seem far more willing to accept corruption. Almost resigned to it. 
But tonight the Romanian people have actually won, the government has caved in and withdrawn the bill from parliament. Hundreds of corrupt politicians will stay in jail, and the trial of the Social Democrat (government)Party leader goes ahead.

More on Trump

Last Nights Saturday Night Live.Classic Trump impersonation

Very nice English language documentary about Dobrich region

Frankly, the dialogue is very wooden, it would have been better if they had improvised. But the images are visually pleasing. The voice overs are somewhat 'corny' too.