Monday, 7 February 2011

Uncle Bulgaria Blog Update

I am very pleased that our friends at www.gooverseas.com have included this site in their top 5 Bulgarian blogs and, in the time honoured principle of 'you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours', they get a mention in our illustrious columns too.On another note we had over 1000 page views in the last rolling month which is pretty good stuff, particularly bearing in mind that people looking for information on Bulgaria normally do it in the spring before they come here for the good weather, or before they come here property inspecting, which also is normally in the spring.Consequently to get this level of interest in yours truly's blog in the month of February is pretty good.

I hope people are enjoying the revamped blog and the dramatically increased output of news/opinion. I was also asked by one reader to help his child with their school project on Bulgaria and was happy to oblige.I just hope they got a good grade !.

As I said before, if any readers have any particular questions I am happy to help either through the comment section or to my e mail address info@gobg.co.uk.

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