Sunday, 29 May 2011

Property Offer

Here is my websites house of the month a house just 7km from Dobrich in a village with all amenities.The house has two bedrooms, bathroom kitchen and lounge.It is 80km in size with a 1000 m2 of land.Outside there is a bbq and even a well.All for just 16500 euro's.
e mail me at info@gobg.co.uk for further info.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Swedish metal legends Katatonia will play the first day of Rock Fest Kavarna Dobrich - Dobrich News | Classifieds Dobrich | Dobrich Companies

Swedish metal legends Katatonia will play the first day of Rock Fest Kavarna Dobrich - Dobrich News | Classifieds Dobrich | Dobrich Companies

Varna under siege because of NATO Summit Dobrich - Dobrich News | Classifieds Dobrich | Dobrich Companies

Varna under siege because of NATO Summit Dobrich - Dobrich News | Classifieds Dobrich | Dobrich Companies

I presume the meeting is in the Grand Hotel or the Hilton.Still its a cosy summer junket !.

Kaliakra Cup 2-5th June 2011

It should be a good few days in Balchik with a variety of yachts competing in the annual Kaliakra Cup.There should be plenty to see around the harbour as teams from all over the Black Sea compete.

Spirit of Burgas

The upcoming Bulgarian Spirit of Burgas ( August 12 – 14) has been included in a the prestigious list of the best European music festivals in 2011, compiled by Guardian.
"The first Bulgarian foray into modern festivals. A variety of artists and genres in a lovely beachside setting," is how the British media describes the event.
The festival, which is to take place in the Black Sea city of Burgas, has already become emblematic for the Bulgarian and European festival music scene. In 2010, it was among the 10 nominated for Best Overseas Festival of the UK Festival Awards. It was also nominated for the European Festival Awards.
The organizers have announced that American DJ legend Moby, as well as Deftones and Skunk Anansie, will have gigs at this year's event.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Taxi News

Capped maximum rates for taxi cabs come into force in Bulgaria on May 25 in a bid to prevent rogue taxi drivers from charging highly inflated prices.
Two months ago, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted changes in the Auto Transport Act providing for a ceiling of cab fares and it was up to each individual municipality to determine maximum allowed rates.
The ceiling of cab fares ranges from BGN 1.20-2 per km across the country.
The vast majority of the abuses occur on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast where many of the smaller municipalities with some of the major resorts might have a hard time applying this regulation.
The amendment provides for fines of up to BGN 3 000 for cabs which offer rides for prices higher than the established ceiling.
About 400 taxi cabs in the Bulgarian capital Sofia are going to be forced to lower their prices after the City Hall introduces a price cap.
The expensive cabs now have prices anywhere between BGN 1.5 to BGN 8 per kilometer while the plans are to have a price cap of BGN 1.3 during the day and BGN 1.6 at night.
The most widely-publicized scandal with a rogue taxi in Bulgaria occurred two years ago, when a rogue cab charged officials of the European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF BGN 102 for a ride from Sofia Airport to the Grand Hotel Sofia in the downtown.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Google goes Cyrillic - Bulgaria - The Sofia Echo

Google goes Cyrillic - Bulgaria - The Sofia Echo


Seems as if history is repeating itself with another Icelandic volcano erupting.The UK transport minister in a rare show of erudition says that we must expect a long period of volcanic activity in the next 20 years as the previous period was so quiet.The main concern from this Balkan region is the disruption to flights.The holiday season effectively begins now so a fortnight of cancellations is all the tourist trade needs.

If anyone coming out here needs any advice or assistance with Bulgaria, then just e mail me on info@gobg.co.uk.For those looking for property just go to my website which is linked in the heading.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Festival program on May 24 in Dobrich Dobrich - Dobrich News | Classifieds Dobrich | Dobrich Companies

Festival program on May 24 in Dobrich Dobrich - Dobrich News | Classifieds Dobrich | Dobrich Companies

Slow start to the tourist season

Today is May 23rd, and Albena is virtually empty.The tourist season moves further and further back and the number of visitors seems to grow less (though the official statistics seem to confound the latter assertion).

Alot of the bar owners etc are now getting worried as they face the usual sky high rents.We shall see what happens after 25th May when the first flights from Scandinavia arrive, but I fear summer 2011 will be a quiet one.

Political Extremism in Bulgaria

There was a widely reported violent incident in Sofia last week, when Muslims were attacked whilst leaving prayers at the main mosque in Sofia.

The fighting arose from a protest by the far right ATAKA party against the loudspeakers placed on the mosque to assist the call to prayer (or that was the excuse). There were several injuries on both sides with the muslim based DPS party blaming ATAKA for the provocation, and ATAKA saying that the Muslims started the trouble.

This time of year there are several public holidays that commemorate Bulgarian culture and history and they are usually an excuse for extremists to grandstand their views.In order to illustrate this point there was further ATAKA inspired trouble at commemorations of the Batak massacre.

Not only does ATAKA raise its profile by these menacing clown antics, but the DPS can also rally it's own troops in the face of a perceived threat.

Bulgarian politics may be a pathetic joke but these incidents are far from funny.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Varna Airport to close for months

Varna airport will not send and receive flights after the summer season due to the initiation of a major infrastructure project - rehabilitation of the runway. The plans provide that it be done in the period from mid October to early next year, announced Wednesday by the press office of the Varna airport.

The exact period during which to carry out the works, will be announced immediately after completion of the procedures required for a project of this scale, including bidding procedures, approvals and permissions from relevant authorities.

During the closure of the airport, traffic will be serviced from the Burgas Airport and the company will provide free bus transportation between the two airports from the airport explained.
Work on the project and the time for its implementation are discussed, both with line ministries and agencies and with representatives of airlines that operate at Varna airport and tourist organizations, complemented by the airport.

Uncles Comment: It's crazy in my view to completely close an airport, but they only have one runway so inevitable.Burgas airport is over two hours away so major disruption.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Cassius Clay v Henry Cooper.wmv

Farewell then Henry Cooper, you will be sadly missed, and yes the Brut aftershave advert had us all 'Splashing it all over'

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Village Day in Obrochishte May 2nd

It's village day in my village, Obrochishte, tomorrow.Every town and village has a special day in which there is a festival of some kind.In the main street there will be stalls selling all kind of bric a brac, and there is usually some entertainment for the kids. The day usually ends with musical entertainment and dancing.It won't be spectacular but, for the curious, it's worth having a look.

Obrochishte is located 5km from Albena on the E87 Highway, heading towards Topola and the border.