Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Years Eve Party Hotel Bulgaria Dobrich

A 6 course meal with rakia and wine only 60lv. Hotel rooms around 50lv.Cheap as Chips.!.


I  will be going and I heard the Lions Club celebration there was great.

Anybody wants Christmas Eve party, let my colleagues know

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Breaking News !! Varna Airport closed till May !!

I have it from informed sources that Varna airport will be closed until May, not February, as the work is over-running.This is bad news for the local economy and inconvenient for people having to trek from Burgas.Keep posted for events.

UPDATE: Bookings are being taken from the 20th March.The runway is now finished.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Germany tightens the screw on 'isolated' Britain as tensions soar - Europe - World - The Independent

Germany tightens the screw on 'isolated' Britain as tensions soar - Europe - World - The Independent:

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Table Top El Barr Rogachevo 11am-1pm 20/11/11

There will be a table top sale for all your UK goodies such as sausages,bacon,pies and other things, on the above date.

Ireland's budget leak to Germany brings home some harsh realities | Siobhán Dowling | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Ireland's budget leak to Germany brings home some harsh realities | Siobhán Dowling | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk:

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The harsh reality of bailouts is that the country has effectively been taken over by international financiers.Sovereignty is at best eroded if not lost.

Bulgaria fined by Uefa after racist chanting against England | Football | The Guardian

Bulgaria fined by Uefa after racist chanting against England | Football | The Guardian:

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Uncle Bulgaria Blog Update

Good Morning Readers, from a -2C Obrochishte village.Nice pretty frost and feeling very crisp outside.

Last night, whilst slaving over a hot laptop, I changed the design of the blogsite as an experiment.I think it looks pretty good, but any feedback would be appreciated.

One interesting note from yesterday was that there were 398 page views virtually all from the USA.Obviously there is higher internet penetration in the States than anywhere else,but I think it is just some search engine trolling through.Still nice to get the stats up.

I am working with ex-pats here to stage a ceremony at the Crimean War Memorial in Varna, next Armistice Day, it is a long way off but I will keep readers posted as we would like a large turnout.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Winter Offers on GoBG Real Estate and Building

Hi everyone,

I thought I would just showcase our winter offers.Here in Bulgaria everything is so cheap !.So what we are doing is simply saying to prospective clients, please just give us a description of what you want and a budget, and we will find it for you !!!.

Please bear in mind that the New Builds start from us at 435 Euro's a square metre and older properties that are reasonable in price, and location, are from 40,000 Euro's just e mail me on info@gobg.co.uk or skype darrin2433 or click on the post heading.

We should stop panicking about Boozy Britain | | Independent Battle of Ideas Blogs

We should stop panicking about Boozy Britain | | Independent Battle of Ideas Blogs:

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Sunday, 13 November 2011


Good Morning readers from a cold and overcast Bulgaria, it will be barely above freezing here today so I think I will making a sortie to Elbarr Bar in Rogachevo, which has the advantage of being warm and there will be plenty of people to chat to.Winter here is very quiet and there is not a lot to do, so it is important to give structure to your life with hobbies and interests.I have quite a busy life, but I don't envy the people who are retired out here in the winter months.

On another note please take a look at my property website by clicking on the post heading.The Bulgarian property market now offers great value for money and there are great bargains to be had.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hard times - Bulgaria - The Sofia Echo

Hard times - Bulgaria - The Sofia Echo:

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Bulgaria's level of exposure to Greece and Italian problems is truly worrying 28% and 25% of deposits/assets are big sums.

Honouring the fallen - Features - The Sofia Echo

Honouring the fallen - Features - The Sofia Echo:

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I think for next year the expat community should get together to commemorate the war dead who are in the Central Cemetary in Varna.It's a long way off but is anyone interested ?.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bulgaria's average salary grows to 704 leva in September - Business - The Sofia Echo

Bulgaria's average salary grows to 704 leva in September - Business - The Sofia Echo:

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Who is the 'Tour De Force' behind Boyko Brisov?

Letters to the Editor
After Bulgaria's Presidential and Mayoral elections Boyko Borisov and his GERB government / political party have consolidated their power over Bulgaria, with a stranglehold grip and now have a mandate to essentially do what they like for the next two years.
At the GERB press conference that followed (with speeches by Borisvo and his fellow partners), Borisov launched into a vitriolic attack on the last Socialist PM, his party and the communists that ruled Bulgaria for forty five years, blaming all the present woes of the country on all of them. What Borisvo failed to admit was that he and most of the political parties and their prominent members, owe their existence and everything to the situation that the communists left Bulgaria in after 1989, when the plunder and pillage of the countries assets started in earnest.
There are many examples of the systematic distribution of the state property that were planned before 1989, but did not appear until that date when most companies where formed and lots of people became very wealthy over night. Don't forget that in 1989 the total worth of Bulgarian state assets were valued at 30 billion US dollars and only 10% of that figure has ever been recouped
Also, 1989 was the start of a new era for the ex Soviet countries when they at last embraced democracy, but for Bulgaria and Russia it was the beginning of the end for absolute state control and the signal for the distribution of wealth to the people close to the old powers and their hangers on. These people now control their countries through crime, corruption, politics, judiciary and business cartels.
Having the right connections in any walk of life is important for a person's advancement and looking back over Borisov's rapid climb to his present position, is it blatantly obvious that he had lots. His first stroke of luck was having his father Metodi working in the Ministry of Interior (the forerunner of the present MOI), as an official. This gave the young ambitious Borisov a great start in life and a foothold on the ladder for what lay ahead. But, the biggest connection was yet to come!
In 1988 Borisov and his wife swapped partners with Tsvetelina Borislavova and her husband and this is when Borisov's climb accelerated even beyond his own expectations and answers lots of the questions about his intelligence and ability with things today.
Tsvetelina Borislavova is very smart and has not become Bulgaria's richest women by coincidence, without lots of useful connections from the past. Her father was in the former intelligence service and was posted to various countries via the Bulgarian embassies there. Her former husband's (and Boyko's friend and swapping partner) father was a member of the Bulgarian Politburo and also an ambassador, so everything was in place for things to happen when the distribution of Bulgarian wealth started.
Ipon-1, the vehicle for Borisov's advancement was founded in 1989, with Tsvetelina Borislavova and him as the two partners. Quickly, Todor Zhivkov (who was under house arrest) along with Ex King Simeon 11 where clients of the company, with Borisvo being their personal body guard. In 2001-05 Borisov rose to the rank of a general and became Chief Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior under the ex King's patronage.
In 2005 Borisov became mayor of Sofia and in 2006 GERB was formed as a political party and the rest is history.
This for me answers a lot of questions how a person of Borisov's intelligence could do all the things he has achieved, without someone else being the guiding force, by using their connections and expertise to put him where he is today.
They say that behind every successful man there's a woman.......
Keith Gregory

I doubt whether this letter was written by the person with the name attached in the Novinite.com, but it cuts right to the heart of the problem.

UK tax axe falls on overseas property investors

UK tax axe falls on overseas property investors:

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When a Nation commits suicide.

To the astonishment of just about everybody the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou has announced a referendum on the Greek Bailout. This is akin to the passengers on the Titanic voting on whether to use the lifeboats or not.

The rationale behind this beggars belief.Without more EU money (basically read German and French money) Greece will default on its debts and slide unceremoniously out of the Eurozone.Aside from the obvious question of how they will re-introduce the Drachma overnight, the resulting financial meltdown will implode the Greek economy and possibly take the Italian one with it (Italy's finances are in a parlous position and its parliament won't make the necessary reforms).

The Greeks naturally don't like the cuts and it's opposition party is in denial, so the situation regarding public opinion is dire.The Greek people feel lied to, and it is a fact that Greek entry into the Euro was based upon the Greek government telling the EU a pack of lies regarding it's financial position.

The Greek people will have to hold their politicians accountable for this catastrophy, but for the moment silly referendums is the last card of a desperate Prime Minister.