Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

I cannot watch an English broadcast at the moment without saturation saccharine coverage.Obviously two people getting married is always a nice thing, but this is becoming preposterous.One just cannot escape from it.The wedding will be good for Britain for the international attention and the boost to the tourist trade.However it does reinforce the image that Americans have of the UK as some sort of Disneyland.The reaction of the crowds already is almost childishly excitable, but we live in the age of celebrity and I suppose this tops it all, the entire nation becomes part of a reality TV show.However tomorrow it returns to the real reality of economic misery and job insecurity. Escapism is just that.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tourism News

Latest figures provided by private broadcaster BTV are that tourism figures will be up 10-15% this year.The main groups will be Russian,Romanian and German.

I always wonder about the accuracy of these figures and whether they are designed just to boost market confidence.Certainly Easter was pretty busy with Romanians and Bulgarians coming to the Black Sea for a long weekend.However BTV also reported that 70% of hotels were open for the long weekend.This is questionable, in Albena only the hotels in the centre of the resort were open (i.e. Laguna Gardens, Dobrudja etc). The reality is that Bulgarian resorts are suffering in this crisis like any other and the type of clientele means that it is increasingly becoming a regional, rather than European, holiday destination.

BBC News - India bank termites eat piles of cash

BBC News - India bank termites eat piles of cash

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bulgarian Property 2011

As regular readers know, my main job is operating a real estate and building business in Bulgaria.I know, from conversations with readers, that many of you are thinking of investing out here (now that the market has bottomed out), but are naturally cautious given the continued financial constraints.

If any of you have any queries or enquiries about property in Bulgaria, then please do not hesitate to contact me either on info@gobg.co.uk or on my skype number:  darrin2433 . My website can be accessed by clicking on the post heading.

Vacancies - 26 April Dobrich - News | Ads | Companies

Vacancies - 26 April Dobrich - News | Ads | Companies

Again blue zone in Dobrich Dobrich - News | Ads | Companies

Again blue zone in Dobrich Dobrich - News | Ads | Companies

This article relates to a previous posting I made about the introduction of pay parking in the main parking area of the centre of  Dobrich.Having been ruled illegal by the local court the powers that be have come back with a new legal 'blue zone' which will begin shortly.It's a stupid back door way of taxing people and is nothing to do with safety or anything else.All it means is that parking in the side streets will become a serious problem as drivers avoid the so called Blue Zone.


Easter here was wonderful.I was in Sofia and then Veliko Turnovo.The weather was fantastic and I was able to explore Sofia via long walks around the centre and used the Metro system for the first time.The Metro will eventually have a second line and the first line will extend to the airport.

The area we were staying in around the Easyhotel (off Stomboliski) has four Chinese restaurants in close proximity and a nice pizzeria.It is about 15 minutes walk to the Cathedral and the centre and, armed with my street map (courtesy of KFC !), I was able to explore with ease.The park near the national stadium is nice and the Russian War Memorial is spectacular.

JJ Murphys Irish pub, off Vitosha Boulevard, is well recommended for watching premier league football matches and serves good food, I had a nice burger and chips with onion rings and garnish for 10.99lv, which is reasonable for Sofia.There is also a nice beer garden which is well laid out and looked after.A beer there costs 3lv which is pelatively expensive but nothing compared to the 5/6lv in Flannagans at the Radisson.

After Sofia I got the Bus to Sofia to see some friends in VT, and we had a traditional Velikden (Easter Sunday) feast of lamb and rice.

All in all a great few days !.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Много е важно в кой клуб играеш - MasterCard YES от Fibank

This is the advert

Ben Cross v Dimitur Berbatov

Currently showing on Bulgarian TV is a very funny advert featuring Berbatov and Ben Cross.Berbatov is easily the most famous Bulgarian in the world and the premise is that where ever they go Ben Cross gets served first because he has this special credit card. Nicely scripted for which they must both have been paid 'Chariots of Money' ha ha.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nicholas Cage

I just read that Nicholas Cage has been arrested for drunkenness and battery of his wife, by New Orleans Police.Regular readers will recall that I posted a video of Cage being drunk and aggressive whilst in Bucharest.Sad to see a repeat of events.

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Red Star? - Bulgaria - The Sofia Echo

The Red Star? - Bulgaria - The Sofia Echo

First Choice now only 'All-Inclusive'

I saw on the BBC this morning that all of First Choices holidays from next year will be All  Inclusive.First Choice are claiming that this will save a family of four something like 500 pounds.All Inclusive basically means that if you stay in your hotel then all the food and drink there is free.The food doesn't tend to be fabulous and the alcohol drinks are only domestic brands.It works out well if you eat and drink loads, so basically it encourages bingeing.

If I were a shop or bar owner in a Black Sea resort with substantial First Choice bookings I would now be reaching for the loaded revolver, because All Inclusive kills the businesses around it.

Romania declares war on stray dogs - report - South Eastern Europe - The Sofia Echo

Romania declares war on stray dogs - report - South Eastern Europe - The Sofia Echo

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Property Offer

First of all apologies to readers that postings have been a bit sparse lately.However things are now back to what approaches normal.

I am writing now to publicise a great new offer that has come onto my property company's website.

This is a lovely 113 m2 house with plenty of space, it has a massive garage and a well kept garden.It is located 8km from Dobrich and 30km from the seaside.The owner is keen to sell and the property is in a good condition.It has three bedrooms.It is located just off the main Dobrich-Albena road.

All this for only 45000 Euros.

For further info e mail me at info@gobg.co.uk