Friday, 28 December 2012

New Top Offer from GoBG Real Estate

Fresh on the books this lovely 40m2 studio apartment in the Royal Apart Hotel just 5 minutes from Thracian Cliffs Golf course, where the World Matchplay Championship will be held next year.The complex is a luxury specification with all amenities including pool, bars and restaurant.The price is very competitive at 25,000 Euro's.
Check our website under Property, Black Sea and Apartments for full details.



Bulgaria's bizarre 'advert' to tax exile Gerard Depardieu | Mail Online

Bulgaria's bizarre 'advert' to tax exile Gerard Depardieu | Mail Online:

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bulgaria's ban on smoking

Recently there have been rumblings that the Bulgarian parliament was seeking to amend the smoking ban which has been in full force for a year, and the restaurant/bar and club trade have been complaining about the loss of trade.The ban was introduced in a country where smoking is still widespread ergo lots of people will not go to places where they cannot smoke.

Last week the ban was upheld overwhelmingly.However I have started to notice that many places are ignoring the ban and allowing people to smoke.Whether this is the start of some samizdat movement I know not, but I think it reflects a desire to make money and if they need to flout the law they will do it.

Any one noticed such things where you are ?.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Snow Snow and more Snow

The weather forecast just said windy, but this morning we have had a lot of snow.My friends have had no power in the Apart Hotel that they live in near Kavarna, and have just decamped to a hotel.If your only method of heating is reliant on electricity such outages can be unpleasant if not downright dangerous.

The forecast for Christmas Day night is minus 13, which is unusually cold for this region.I don't think it has been this cold for about 5 years.Let us hope that this is not a harbinger of worse things to come.

How is it in your part of Bulgaria ?. 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Bulgarian Fashion Offers

A very good friend of mine has just launched a new range of women's fashion.Here are a range of blouses with prices.Please e mail me if you have any queries/orders.Sizes are S-XL.E Mail: info@gobg.co.uk
Your comments are welcome.

 МНОГО ДОБЪР  МОЙ ПРИЯТЕЛ СЪЗДАДЕ КОЛЕКЦИЯ ОТ ДАМСКИ ОБЛЕКЛА. ТУК МОЖЕ ДА ВИДИТЕ ЧАСТ ОТ ДАМСКИТЕ БЛУЗИ И ЦЕНИ. Предлагат се в размери от S-XL . Ако имате въпроси или желаете да закупите, можете да се свържете с мен на емайл : info@gobg.co.uk
Ще се радваме да узнаем  Вашие коментари!

                                                    Item 1. 44.90 Bg Leva/23 Euro's

                                                    Item 2 44.90 BG Leva/23 Euro's

                                                    Item 3 44.90 BG Leva/23 Euro's

                                                    Item 4 44.90 BG Leva/23 Euro's

                                                    Item 5 44.90 BG Leva/23 Euro's

                                          Item 6 44.90 BG Leva/23 Euro's

                                          Item 7 48.50 BG Leva/25 Euro's

                                                    Item 8 48.50 BG Leva/25 Euro's

                                                    Item 9 48.50 BG Leva/25 Euro's

                                                    Item 10 48.50 Leva/25 Euro's

Weather Update

Woke up to a chilly -8C, as dawn broke.Allegedly my air con unit works up to minus 25C, and I think I January we will find out if it does !.

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, despite the cold it seemed to have a warming red glow about it.It is particularly beautiful to see the sun rise over the sea.There is a strange elemental purity.

Today I will venture out for a short while, but luckily no strong wind.The wind chill is the thing that exacerbates the cold, without it it's just cold, with it it's freezing !.

The one thing we don't have is snow, most of the rest of Bulgaria has it, but on the coast we normally have none till Christmas.

Going to sign off now.Hope you all have a great day !.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December Musings

Well, Winter is coming (if that is not a cliche from 'Game of Thrones') but it is still sunny, last night there was a lot of rain, and my roof is leaking slightly.We seemed to have had a very windy night, the other night, and I think some damage was done, but maybe it was just the wrong kind of rain !.

Balchik is very quiet, only at the weekends do the restaurants get busy and then only some of them.On Thursday evening the Christmas lights will be turned on in Varna, so that is one for the diary.

On the Blogging front, we have passed the 60,000 page views milestone with quite busy daily traffic.

As I have mentioned before we want news and views from around Bulgaria, so if you have items please post them as comment here.

London restaurant owner batters rat to death in the middle of environmental health inspection - Home News - UK - The Independent

London restaurant owner batters rat to death in the middle of environmental health inspection - Home News - UK - The Independent:

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