Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Budget airlines rated: What you get for your money on Ryanair, easyJet and the rest | The Independent

Budget airlines rated: What you get for your money on Ryanair, easyJet and the rest | The Independent:

Some interesting comments in this article from industry experts like Simon Calder.I cannot share the view about Wizzair.I generally like them, I have used them many times on the London-Varna route.My only criticism was when my flight was diverted to Sofia because of bad weather in Varna when we were just dumped at the airport and all their staff disappeared leaving the airport duty manager to sort things out.I never knew what happened in the end as a few of us hired a minibus.A second better story is again bad weather in Varna and being diverted to Bucharest.My heart sank because of the previous experience, but within two hours three coaches turned up and we were transported by road to Varna airport.

I have used Easyjet a few times and liked them too, no major criticisms of either. Ryanair I just did not like, their food is expensive and just did not get comfortable with the whole airline (probably because I have seen their hideous Chief Executive on TV a few times, and have read awful reports of their approach to customer care). 

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  1. Well we have flown with EasyJet many times, but the last trip was with Ryan Air. We were a little concerned at all the tales we heard, about £1 for the loos and so on and found them all lies. The cabin staff were all very good, the seats slightly more leg room between them and although not the comfiest in the world they were OK for a 3 hour flight to Stansted from Sofia. It's never a good idea to eat on a plane, all their prices are expensive and the food poor, but Ryan Air was better quality than EasyJet. Different and not too bad for the price. The boarding was much better too. EasyJet is like a herd of wild animals getting on and through ticket control. Ryan Air sorted you much quicker and more professionally. Overall we both liked Ryan Air and if they had better flight times rather than the late evening one that we had we would use them in preference to EasyJet. We think that Ryan Air gets bad press because the competition don't like them taking their perceived business. Baggage prices with Ryan Air are more expensive than EasyJet, but they prefer you with just hand luggage, which is free, so unless you really need a big case just use the small one in the overhead lockers and you can also take a handbag if you are a woman which EasyJet does not allow.