Monday, 13 February 2017

Falling Pound.How has it affected Tourism ?

Since the Brexit vote, the British pound fell and now has stabilised at 2.28lv (or thereabouts). It has oscillated from 2.03 to 2.93lv since 2004.

However, the currency is also affected by fierce competition between airlines and tour operators.This cancels out any losses as the market is pretty cut-throat.For example, Thomas Cook recently posted pretty dire results.

So in a competitive market, the fall in the pound sterling is cancelled out by other pressures.In Bulgarian terms, prices remain fabulously cheap.We recommend booking your flights and hotels separately with major discounts occurring as Wizzair and Easyjet now directly compete this summer for the first time in Varna. For great Hotel Deals in Balchik, near Varna and Albena/Golden Sands, email info@gobg.co.uk

With the rapid retreat from Arab destinations, Bulgaria stands out as a very obvious holiday destination.In fact, it ranks second to Portugal in that respect.

For information about Bulgaria, destinations and property, just email us at info@gobg.co.uk

Bulgarian Black Sea

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