Wednesday, 8 March 2017

More Flights to Bulgaria:Obscene Prices

Obviously, this Blog spends a lot of time singing the praises of Bulgaria, though sometimes we have to portray the country we love in a 'warts and all way'. We would not after all be 'Uncle Bulgaria Blog' if we did not like Bulgaria !.

We normally welcome new ways to get here, which barring a Star Trek style transporter, is going to be by air. 

However, we do find it difficult to welcome extra services that, with a straight face, try to charge 600lv return (€300) for a flight to Varna in July/August. 

It is obvious that air fares work on elementary demand and supply principles, but that is no reason to charge frankly mind-boggling prices for what is, after all, just about a medium-haul flight.Frankly, such fares are profiteering.

We had hoped that two U.K. Budget airlines flying into Varna this year (the addition is Easyjet) would provide competition to Wizzair's monopoly. Sadly this has not been the case.

One can only hope that since Ryanair has started flying to Belgium and Germany from Varna that there will be an inevitable impetus towards a U.K. service.Or even the much talked about Gorna Oriahovitsa option, which has produced more hot air than a Zeppelin !.

Readers we live in hope !.

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