Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Breaking News on Brexit 19/072016

As some people may be aware, there has been a legal challenge this morning to get a ruling that only parliament can authorise Brexit, not the Prime Minister alone.A government lawyer has just told the court that article 50 will not be invoked this year, so effectively no Brexit earlier than 2019.

I am now seriously starting to think that Brexit won't happen at all.There are a variety of permutations here: 

Firstly a Scottish veto, especially since the Spanish and Belgians will not allow separate Scottish membership of the EU as it will encourage Flemish and Catalan nationalists and thereby lead to the breakup of their countries.

Secondly the British public will revile the economic impact of Brexit (It is clear that a lot of them did not understand the implications).

Thirdly that there is a prospect of a general election since the Tory working majority is only 18.

Fourthly May has deliberately placed 'headbangers' in key ministerial roles; Davis at Brexit, Johnson at the Foreign Office and Fox at Trade. They are bound to fail.

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