Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Turkey descends into terror

2,700 Judges arrested, now 15,000 teachers suspended sounds like revolutionary terror. This coup is Erdogan's breakfast , lunch and dinner.God help the poor people.
The pictures today showed the soldiers had been brutalised.A lot are being held in sports stadia, like Argentina in the 1970's.

Mostafa Minawi, director of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Initiative at Cornell University, called the failed coup "a gift for President Erdogan, given him all the justification he needs to implement further clamp down measures against any dissenters, in the process sinking Turkey deeper into authoritarianism." 

Reported this morning (20th July) that 14 Turkish warships are still missing along withe the commander of the Turkish Navy.Rumoured to be heading to Greek ports.

I remember the actress Lili Palmer, a German Jew, quoting I think Pastor Bonhoeffer 'First they came for the Jews and I said nothing then the Communists and I said nothing.. then they came for me .....'

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