Wednesday, 27 May 2009

It aint 'arf hot mum

Well summer is finally here.Uncle is basking in the sunshine and all seems well with the world.On Sunday I attended the celebrations for Balchik Day which is also the Day of the Bulgarian Alphabet.

Balchik was busy and the weather glorious.Not many foreigners about, which is probably indicative of the poor tourist season that 2009 is going to be.Apparently Butlins is booming in the UK as cash strapped Britons tighten their belts and revert to the revamped 'holiday camp'.No more 'hi de hi' and 'olympic size swimming pools', its all upmarket now.Still wouldnt catch me dead in one though !.

I would much prefer a lazy day in a restaurant on the harbour in Balchik with good wine, good food and good company.At a rate of 2.18lv to the pound its not as cheap for Brits as it was when it was nearly 3 lv, but its still deliciously cheap when compared to UK prices, or in fact anywhere else in Western Europe.

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