Friday, 22 May 2009

Wish he had said that before 1st Jan 2007

Prof. Galabov: Bulgaria Does Not Meet the Copenhagen Criteria Anymore 
Posted by viharg on 11/05/09 
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In a new analysis the Bulgarian sociologist, Prof. Antony Galabov, claims that Bulgaria does not meet the Copenhagen criteria for EU membership anymore.

He believes that the post-totalitarian oligarchy has proved that it is prepared to use all means to keep Bulgaria in the role of Asian periphery of Europe. Prof. Galabov says that there is an attempt of total pressure on the democracy and rule of law by some Bulgarian state institutions, motivated by the dire election prospects of the ruling coalition.

An important observation of the analysis is that the Bulgarian oligarchy can successfully simulate the application of democratic procedures, but always replaces their meaning. Now the oligarchy needs low voter turnout in order to ensure its reproduction in power.

However, prof. Galabov is optimistic. He thinks that the election results will initiate a new period of modernization reforms, obviously in contradiction to all efforts to steal the elections.

Let's be frank here, Bulgaria and Romania were let in for geo-political reasons, which had bugger all to do with the economic and political criteria for joining the EU.They were clearly unfit to run a whelk stall then and still are..or so Uncle thinks.

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