Friday, 22 May 2009

Passport Renewal in Bulgaria: what a rip off !

Uncle B is now mightily miffed !.In its wisdom the British Embassy in Sofia and the Consulate in Varna have stopped dealing with passport renewals for UK citizens.Previously they would check it for you in Varna and then forward it for you to Sofia whence it was sent to the Embassy in Vienna which processed it and returned.A reasonable enough set up you might think.

Not so the FCO, all passport services are now centred in Dusseldorf !. I have just paid 88lv/45 Euros for my application to be couriered to the Fatherland.In addition to this I have had to give them a virtual blank cheque for them to fill in for the return courier journey.

On present form it will cost me 225 Euros for the 'pleasure' of having one of Her Majestys passports.This is 210 quid !.Dick Turpin got away with less.

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