Saturday, 16 January 2010

EU Shennanigans

Rumena Julieva, the Bulgarian nomination for the International Co-operation and Human Rights portfolio, is in trouble.She gave what was termed a 'weak' performance at the hearing into her confirmation, and there are big suspicions about non-declaration of business interests during her time as an MEP.She has also been described as a 'gangsters moll' due to her husbands alleged links to gangsters on the Black Sea, and the dodgy TIM insurance company.
It may be that her nomination is withdrawn, or there is the possibility that the whole commission will be rejected.
The sub-plot to this is that the Slovak nominee is also in trouble for anti-gypsy remarks.He is a Socialist nominee and Julieva is from the rightist European Peoples Party.This is adding to the underlying tension.
So we wait and see.

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