Thursday, 22 June 2017

Balchik News:Beautiful Balchik, Bulgaria - Part 1

Balchik News

This is the first in a regular series of articles related to the historic harbour town of Balchik.

The town itself dates back into antiquity and was originally known as Dionysius, after the Greek God of Food and Wine.Still, to this day you can see the ruins of the Temple of Kibella (Sybil) and several other examples of Greco-Roman history here.

For our picture today we feature Nymphaeum or Water Temple: the fake Greco-Roman ornamental pool in the former Romanian Summer Palace:

A water feature from the Palace

A place of peace and tranquillity, overlooking the Black Sea, the Palace complex attracts thousands of visitors every year. For more information about Balchik please email info@gobg.co.uk

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