Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Beautiful Balchik, Bulgaria - Part 3

Waterfall in the Palace

Here is the Waterfall within the Palace complex.The Palace and its gardens were designed by the Russian Tsars designers. 

Some of the best in Europe.

Everything in the complex was started in 1926 and completed in 1937.

Remember that this part of Bulgaria was awarded to Romania in 1919 as a reward for their part on the Allied side.

(Queen Marie of Romania was instrumental in bringing Romania on to the war).

In 1940 Hitler gave the region back to Bulgaria as a reward for its pro-Axis stance.

Queen Marie's heart was buried in the Palace and was removed back to Bran Castle in Romania.

The Palace remains the centrepiece of the tourist industry in Balchik, and is popular with a variety of nationalities, but especially Romanians.

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