Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Balchik News:Beautiful Balchik, Bulgaria - Part 7

As part of our occasional series showcasing Balchik, Bulgaria; here is a nice example of the inter-war architecture of the town.This building is located in Old Balchik, on the way up to the Town Hall.

This building, as with most of the older parts of the town, dates from the period when Balchik and the South Dobrudja region, in general, was under Romanian rule (1919-1940). Balchik became the administrative centre for the area.

A traditional turn of century building in Balchik

Balchik, of course, has changed rapidly, particularly since the 21st Century, when a lot of new investment has taken place, not only many new hotels, but also renovated buildings such as the Port Building which was completed in July 2015, and will provide for a Museum of the Sea and 300 seat restaurant.

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